Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue Dawn, it's not just for dishes!

I use this all the time and when you try it, you will too.

One of the Busy Bee's here just found out about this and posted it, but I wanted to share what I do with it.
I have been making this for over 20 years ~ it's that good.
It made me feel bad she didn't know earlier.

First of all I fill a 1/2 of bottle of BLUE DAWN with ammonia.
I always write Mixed on it so the family doesn't use it to wash the truck or dog. . .

In the beginning you will only have one bottle so when you have a 1/2 of bottle of Dawn do this.
Then when it is gone get a new bottle and pour 1/2 of the new bottle into the old bottle and fill them both up with ammonia.
Again, I always write on them. . .you just never know.

I always shake it up and squirt a line across the necks and cuffs of white shirts.
I rub it together a little, you will see and hear it sud.
Then I just roll them up and throw them in the hamper until I have enough for a load.
I leave them there for weeks and they are fine.

Any spot I catch I do the same thing.

If I have a load of clothes that looks dirtier than usual, I just shake it up and squirt it in the bleach section of my washer.
Always shake it before using.
I use this on most loads of clothing.

Your looking forward to laundry day now huh?

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