Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pyrex, Great Gift Idea ~ People love things with their names on it

This is so easy you are going to LOVE it!!

I know these are very popular and you can see a lot of different ways of doing this.  I do the etching on the outside of the dish.  Some people do it on the inside and I don't care for that way for a couple of reasons.  Your free to choose what you like best, this is just my preference.

I print the name I want on my computer in a font that I like.  Place the paper name on the inside of the dish and tape it in place.
I then cover the area with clear Contact.  Make sure it is pressed down smooth with no bubbles or wrinkles.  Be careful around the lettering that is printed on the dish, placement is critical!

Then using an Exact~O knife I cut out the name.  Pay attention to letters like a and e that will have a little piece that MUST stay behind when you peel away the letters.  Peel away everywhere you want the etching to be.

I use Armor Etch, which you can buy at major craft stores like Micheal's and Hobby Lobby.  I apply it with a very small 1/4" paint brush which I use over and over, just make sure you clean it well.  Apply the etching to the surface and wait 5 ~ 7 minutes for the magic to work.  I then go to the sink and wash off the etching and pick off the remaining contact and wash then wash it again to make sure all the etching is off.  I have the water running on it the whole time, it doesn't take long at all.
This is the finished product and people love it.  My sis and I have a lot of the same dishes and I label mine all the time.  It isn't hard and it doesn't take long at all.  You can do anything that pops into your mind.  You can do shapes using your computer or if you have a Cricut use it.  Endless possibles here ~ get creative!

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