Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ham & Beans

Ham and Beans

Soak beans of your choice.  We prefer Great Northern for this recipe.
You can make as large or as small as you like.  Be aware that for best beans you will want to let them soak overnight in a large pan.  The beans will swell, so use a large pan, cover with water.  Next morning, rinse beans and put fresh water covering the beans, cook on a low boil to high simmer until beans are quite tender.  Then add chopped up ham, or even a ham bone.  The bone brings in a great flavor!  Squirt 2 squirts of ketchup, add salt pepper to taste.  Also add, onion salt  about an hour before you think they will be done.  Beans take most of the day to cook but are not a lot of work.  They just cook while you do what you need to do.  You can use this same method in the crock-pot.  Hope you enjoy this warm winter dinner!!


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