Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kitchen Towel Apron

Do you get tired of your towel falling on the floor constantly?  Here is an idea to keep it on the oven door.  For this project I just cut a regular kitchen towel in half.  I cut a piece of newspaper on the fold and cut out a pattern for the top.  I made mine smaller than the towel so it would gather up to look more like an apron.  You can do this in two pieces and seam the shoulders or just one piece and cut out the neck.  Then pin it to your towel and sew it up.  I ran across mine with a straight stitch and then went back and forth a couple of times on the cut edge with a zig~zag stitch so it would hold up well.  Attach your side ribbons on the first pass so they are getting attached tight to tie.  This one has been embellished with eyelet at the neck and down the sides.
Note:  These also make great bibs for little girls, they are very absorbent.

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