Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Blessing Dresses ~ for TWINS!!

Identical Blessing Dresses.  To make these dresses and all others on this site, you can use any infant dress pattern and just use your imagination.  We will be posting several different styles and lengths to give you more ideas.  For fail proof gathering and no worrying about breaking thread, zig~zag over a light piece of string or I use crochet thread.  (Be careful not to catch the string.)  After you sew the length of the area to be gathered just pull the string for perfect gathering every time.  (Just remember to secure the end.)  Embellish to your liking.  These dresses have lace trim on the sleeves and the bottom of the dresses.  They have lace panels sewen on the bottom of the skirts and on the bodice with flowing ribbons attaches.  These dresses have lace skirts under the sheer as slips.  We hope this gives you some great ideas.  Happy Stitchin'

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