Monday, October 29, 2012

Chili Beans

Chili Beans

The night before you plan to eat the chili place chili beans in a large pan and soak in water.  Water should be several inches above the beans as they will swell.  Also a tip, to make the beans easier to digest sprinkle about 2 Tablespoons of soda over the beans before you add the water for soaking.  As with anything you can make a small or large pot of beans.  This recipe will be enough for a crowd of 12 good eaters.

Soak 2 quarts chili beans in soda water over night.  Make sure there is room for the beans to double in the pan.  In the morning rinse the beans well in cold water.  Then cover beans with water and start them cooking.  They will need to cook around 5 hours.  Depending on how fast you boil them, how soft your beans are, etc.
While the beans are boiling chop one softball size onion into small pieces, 4 pieces of garlic in tiny pieces.  I like the onion and garlic to cook with the beans during the day.  Also be very generous with the salt and pepper.  Taste it often throughout the day to make sure it seasoned enough.
Cook 2 pounds of ground beef in a skillet until brown.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  After about 3 hours let the water start to cook off the beans.  (Add cooked ground beef.)   When they are getting quite thick add 8 cans of tomato sauce.  Stir well and sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of chili powder in the beans.  Cook about an hour then stir in another 2 Tablespoons of chili powder.  Just keep cooking them until they are tender enough to eat.  This is a meal that doesn't have to be served right when it is done.  It can sit on the stove for a while, so it works well for crowds.
We like to get together and eat on birthdays so this a good choice for big parties.  And it's kind of a meal that makes you feel like fall is here!  I served this for my hubby's birthday with hot rolls.  Hot rolls make everything special!!
Hope you enjoy it!!

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