Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Pads

Hot Pads

Main fabric - cut 4 - 5" squares for each hot pad
Contrast fabric cut 2 -5" squares for each hot pad
Batting or a recycled towel cut 1 - 9 1/2" square
*Note:  Main fabric: 2 strips of fabric will make 2 hot pads

Assembly:  Main fabric face down
Recycled towel or batting
Main fabric face up

Fold remaining square in 1/2 and press
Lay 2 matching 1/2 with fold in the center side by side.
Lay the other 2 1/2's the same way but running the other directions.
Lift one up and tuck it under then same thing on the other one.

Pin all of your layers together.

Trim any excess towel that is not enclosed well.
Put your hand in the center and turn it.  (see picture above)  Push the corners square.  I used the point of the scissors.

Ta Dah!

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