Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mod Podge Utensils container for Picnics

I took an empty Gatorade container, washed and dried it.  Then I took a nice piece of scrapbook paper (that just matches the picnic table clothes)  and cut it to exact size.  Then with a sponge I put glue around the entire container.  Then quickly and carefully placed the paper around the container.  Then I put a coat of glue around the paper.  Let it dry then repeat.  Letting it dry completely in between coats of glue.  There you go, you have a container for you picnic utensils.  I also have used an oatmeal container for my grand children's match box cars.  An Instant potato container for my combs and brushes.  You can organize so fast and fun with empty food containers!  Have Fun!!!

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