Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pinwheel Quilt

This is a queen size quilt and it was really fun from start to finish.
I have a red bandanna boy so I thought this would be perfect for him.

For this quilt all the blocks are 5 inch squares.
The pinwheels are also 5 inch square then just fold them 4 times to be triangles.
This will make thick seams, but it isn't hard or bulky.
I made the pinwheel blocks and then just started putting them into rows.
I hand stitched concho's in the center ~ I bought them on Ebay.
I bought leather and tied square knots in each concho with barrel knots on the ends.
My sis and I tied this.  This was a new adventure. We were both happy with the out come.
We tied it on the back making little X's on the front.

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